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Day two:

As I woke up yesterday, peaceful as the wind from the Nile River, in harmony with myself as the birds tweet from different species in perfect melody, I started my morning and found myself automatically going to the same spot that I went to yesterday morning, craving for that feeling that I had yesterday, to charge my soul and harvest that good vibes from my surroundings, and to fill my body with Luxor city’s beautiful breakfast to get me going.

We called Ahmed (The horse wagon “Hantoor” Driver) and agreed on a spot where we would meet. we met Ahmed and Bob next to Fairy’s landing spot, we already become such close friends with Ahmed and Bob even though this was the second time we saw them, we already felt like we had known them for ages due to their kindness.

Ahmed and the magnificent Bob the horse

For the first spot of our tour we went to The Mummification Museum, and man there was a lot to see there, it is mesmerizing how ancient Egyptians used to mummify everything, they even mummified their pets! This is not the only thing you will find there though, you can also see the containers that they used to keep the remains of their servants, some pets as well, and their guardians from animals such as alligators thousands of years old but still kept its shape, perfectly carved statues and tablets, pharaohs chairs, jewelry and artifacts, and for some reason there was a mummified fish! I wonder why would they mummify fishes even though they are right next to the Nile River with plenty of fish to find there? Maybe some fish species were gods to them? I don’t know, I Am not an expert on ancient Egyptian culture, if you know the answer to this one please let me know the answer in the comments below, I would love to know the fact behind this.

After this wow experience from The Mummification Museum, we went to Luxor Museum, with the help of my favorite horse in Luxor, the magnificent Bob Marley! with his black shiny hair and beautiful rhythm coming from his hoofs clicking on the streets of Luxor city, we arrived at Luxor Museum to leave me again with another jaw-dropping expression on my face from the number of statues I have seen there and how well they made it with the simplest tools that you can imagine!

It did not have as many mummies as The Mummification Museum, but it definitely had more mesmerizing statues of their Gods and kings, artifacts, masks, some weird-looking tools that they used for making statues and other tools, and they even managed to move some of the ancient Pharaoh’s chambers! Didn’t get the chance to check what were these chambers for as I was overwhelmed “in a good way” by everything around me, but it had Hieroglyphs writings all over it even on the floor!

And again I was not so good with taking the time, it started to get dark and also getting hungry, so we decided to go to another local restaurant, and yes as I expected, another delicious meal was being kindly served to us that filled us with joy and energy. Ahmed and Bob took us back to the fairy, grabbed some drinks on the way back, and took the fairy.

When we went back to the guest house, Taha told us to go check the roof, we would find something interesting there that we would like, found that he built this beautiful setting area, and the down part of it had a beautiful old-fashioned/Alaa Adin-looking-like coffee table and chairs, and the upper part of it is made as an Arabic style setting area! It looked so nice that it made me want to have the same thing in my house. And of course, the Nile River at night is as beautiful and magnificent as it is in the morning making the vibes of that setting area even better, we sat down and had a very good time with Taha, who laughed and told us so many stories about this city, sadly I have a bad memory when it comes to things I did not see with my own eyes (I believe they call this “Aphantasia” it is a phenomenon that involves not being able to visualize things in your mind) hence I can’t really remember the stories, but maybe you will get the chance one day to go to Luxor city and hear the stories from the locals directly.

The city is getting quiet, and us getting sleepy and out of energy, I mean how can we not after all of that we experienced that day! And of course, we have another adventure awaiting us tomorrow, almost could not sleep from how excited I was! My inner adventurous child can’t just get enough.

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