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Luxor is a city on the east bank of the Nile River in the southern part of Egypt, this city used to be the Pharaoh’s capital named at that time “Thebes”, I did not even know that at the beginning but it made me feels this way from the amount of ancient tombs temples and statues that I have seen there.

The first thing you will notice in this city is the Nile River and how it makes everything around it feel so calm and beautiful, no wonder Pharaohs made the capital there! And as calm, peaceful, and beautiful as the Nile River is, so are the original residents of Luxor, the most welcoming and kind people you can meet.

I stayed in a guest house called “AlaaAdin”, Mr. Taha, the owner/Keeper of this guest house is one of the kindest and most helpful people I met in that city, he guided us around and showed us the activities that we can do in the city of Luxor, and so he helped us plan how we are going to spend our next four days, counting that the first day we arrived we were a bit tired from the trip and we reached a bit late as well.

Day one

Waking up with a fresh breeze from the Nile River and the beautiful unique sounds of birds, I found out later that some of the bird species that live there can only be found there, so you can only imagine how this combination of unique birds sounds that can only be found there and this fresh Nile Breeze fills your morning with such good vibes, energy and activates your inner sense of adventure, brought out this inner curious child in me, made me want to go out and get in touch with this feeling that I got from the window of my room, and so we went down and enjoyed a beautiful breakfast with an Egyptian cup of tea, you can find such cafes lined next to the Nile River, and trust me no matter which one you pick you will find yourself so comfortable due to the hospitality of the owners there, the beauty of the Nile River and the melody of singing birds. I could not help myself I had to touch the Nile, I had to get in touch with this beauty deeper than just looking at it, smelling it, and feeling its breeze on my face, so we decided to rent a sailboat to roam around the Nile River for a bit, you will find plenty of them lining throughout the Nile River bank.

The feeling that I had since the morning of inner peace, happiness, and adventures child only grew more when I got the chance to touch the Nile River with my own hands, I feel like no matter how much I try to describe it, I would still not fully give it what it deserves of appreciation nor be able to describe its beauty or the feeling that it will give you, so I will leave this part for you to experience when you decide to go to Luxor and meet the magnificent Nile River.

Ahmed Taha - Luxor city
Ahmed Taha in Luxor city

After this amount of freshness and good vibes, we got hungry and we decided to go to the other side of the Nile River to have a bite to eat in one of the local restaurants in Luxor city, as we are new to this city and we do not know where exactly can we go to grab lunch, we rented a horse wagon, you can find these as well lining next to Nile River where they park the sailboats, the locals call this horse wagons “Hantoor”, and that was another beautiful thing I experienced there, roaming around with such a transportation method felt so good! No toxins from the engine, no disturbing car sounds or rumbles, just this magnificent creature that drags you around in your wagon, It is so peaceful! he even has a cool name! The driver (Ahmed) calls him “Bob Marley”, and as nice and kind as the horse was the owner Ahmed was as well, he showed us around the city and gave us more ideas on what we could do in Luxor, but unfortunately, as much as this inner adventures child of mine still want to see more of Luxor city, time was not for me to control, and it was getting darker, so we took Ahmed’s number and we planned with him another tour the next day. We took the fairy this time to get back to the other side, even though there were still sailboats that could take us to the other side as well but we wanted to experience everything about this city, but yet; tomorrow awaits us!

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